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Friday, June 21, 2013

Facebook starting to move www.Instagram.com video function: tremble-preventable technology

Facebook starting to move www.instagram.com video function: tremble-preventable technology

This thursday, Facebook will hold new product conference in the headquater of Menlo Park in the USA, in order to help its subsidiary, named Instagram , a photograph share application, to promote the video share function, which can make clients create 3-15 minutes' short videos. Furthermore, this function can bring 13 types of filiter, which is equiped with the trembleness-preventable technology"Cinema".

video: Kevin Systrom, the founder of Instagram, recommended that Instagram viedo function has three features. Firstly, brievity, when mentioned video, what impressed the clients most is that the function is compicated. while,Instagram's video function aims to be breif. Secondly, beauty, this is Instagram's unfailling purpuit. Thirdly, share, from now on,1.3 billions of clients of www.instagram.com will share their videos all over the world. Systrom presented the video function at stage,it will appear a "phototaking" image under the main screen, typing the image, and you can make the viedo for 15 minutes at most. He told that 15 minutes is a quite suitable video length. The video function of Instagram still brings 13 types of filiter, and clients can polish the videos after phototaking. In addition, Systrom still placed more emphasis on introducing the trembleness-preventable technology "Cinema", he demonstrated that www.instagram.com has been cooperating with some video specialists, so as to solve the problem that the images of video tremble frequently.

Instagram's video function will start to move on the platform of websites、IOS and Android at the same time. The action taken by Facebook, undoutedly, will be a sudden shock to Vine,a short video share application by Twitter.

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