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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Instagram.com launches function of embedding videos and photos

The photo sharing platform, Instagram , subordinate of Face book, announced on Wednesday that they would launch the function of embedding videos and photos ,allowing the users to share videos and photo from whole website.

Last month, Instagram.com launched the video function to compete with Vine ,subordinate of Twitter, which was complained lacking an important ability to allow users to embed videos from other place. Instagram says, there are users who often express their dissatisfaction that they don’t want to embed the photos and videos only after being trained like software engineer. With the appearance of the new function on Wednesday, users will be able to easily share anything they want in Instagram.com as the same as in any other digital delivery service.

Instagram also launched a new sharing button which allows users embed pictures into anywhere they want. Meanwhile, the advertising businessmen tend to make full use of this new button to attract customers. Instagram.com hopes to establish a operation which can make money by conquering the visual social sharing world.

The way the new function operates is that when users visit an Instagram photo or video page through the network, you can see a new sharing button on the right . Click the button and you will see the embed code. Copy the text and paste them in blogs, website or articles. Then press the release button and photos and videos can be seen./Zhang Yan

Friday, June 21, 2013

Facebook starting to move www.Instagram.com video function: tremble-preventable technology

Facebook starting to move www.instagram.com video function: tremble-preventable technology

This thursday, Facebook will hold new product conference in the headquater of Menlo Park in the USA, in order to help its subsidiary, named Instagram , a photograph share application, to promote the video share function, which can make clients create 3-15 minutes' short videos. Furthermore, this function can bring 13 types of filiter, which is equiped with the trembleness-preventable technology"Cinema".

video: Kevin Systrom, the founder of Instagram, recommended that Instagram viedo function has three features. Firstly, brievity, when mentioned video, what impressed the clients most is that the function is compicated. while,Instagram's video function aims to be breif. Secondly, beauty, this is Instagram's unfailling purpuit. Thirdly, share, from now on,1.3 billions of clients of www.instagram.com will share their videos all over the world. Systrom presented the video function at stage,it will appear a "phototaking" image under the main screen, typing the image, and you can make the viedo for 15 minutes at most. He told that 15 minutes is a quite suitable video length. The video function of Instagram still brings 13 types of filiter, and clients can polish the videos after phototaking. In addition, Systrom still placed more emphasis on introducing the trembleness-preventable technology "Cinema", he demonstrated that www.instagram.com has been cooperating with some video specialists, so as to solve the problem that the images of video tremble frequently.

Instagram's video function will start to move on the platform of websites、IOS and Android at the same time. The action taken by Facebook, undoutedly, will be a sudden shock to Vine,a short video share application by Twitter.

The Analysis of www.Instagram.com's Search Volume in the World Cities and Regions

In terms of the national and regional distribution of www.Instagram.com world search volume, the first rank of the country is Philippines and Brazil, United States, Angola and Malaysia follow Philippines in order. America takes a good rank maybe its economy is so developed that it can enjoy all good reputation.

Some Southeast countries are also at top ten for they are near from Philippines and influenced by it.

Some of the biggest cities of the United States like Los Angeles and New York are at the top ten and the population and the economy of them play an important role in widely using the service of instagram. Nowadays the use of social media is a more accurate way to check the development situation of the Internet of a country, which is different from the traditional checking way like the Internet permeability. The use rate of Twitter and Facebook is very high in Indonesia but instagram is very popular in Thailand. In fact there are many reasons which make the popularizing rate of the Internet here be very low but www.Instagram.com still enters into the region like Philippines.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It is said that Instagram will launch the function of video sharing this week to against Vine

The news on June 18, according to the foreign media a message man said on June 20 of this year Facebook will launch the new version of the photo sharing application Instagram that is the most popular under Facebook and this application provides the function of short video sharing for the users and the analyst said this is the effect brought by Vine.
In the early time some reports related to Instagram had implied the application would have the video function but the details were not clear. But three weeks ago the foreign analyst Mattew Keys disclosed this application was progressing the internal test. But at that time the publishing time of the new version of Instagram hadn't been disclosed. And  it didn't report whether it has the filter function or whether it is separated application or the part update of Instagram. Keys said the time of video sharing was limited in 5 seconds to 10 seconds.
The analyst thought actually it really make sense Instagram launched the video service. Precisely speaking it is more like the direct response to the video sharing application Vine under Twitter and the popularity of the latter is increasingly high day by day. Vine and other application like Viddy, Cinemagram and Socialcam sometimes would be called "Instragram application of the video version".
It is reported  Vine can let the users take 6 seconds of video footage in the equipment of iOS or Android and then share it to the network of Vine itself, Twitter or Facebook. Since the launching of January this year Vine has been very popular.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Instagram launched a full-featured website: basically similar mobile end

Sina Technology News, February 6 morning news, Facebook's photo service Instagram announced this week the launch of a fully functional website to help users through the web using Instagram.
    The Instagram Web version similar to the iPhone and Android applications, but the most critical element is missing: photo upload. From Instagram launched more than two years time. The service monthly active users has reached 90 million, but the user had only through the mobile application to view photos.
    Instagram co-founder Kevin Heath Lindstrom (Kevin Systrom), in a blog post announced: "Starting today, you can view the contents of Instagram on the web, as you did on your mobile device.”

    Currently, Instagram users can Login Instagram.com website, view your friends' photo stream. The experience with the Instagram mobile applications essentially similar. Sort photos by reverse time, a standard feature of mobile applications, including double-click the photo to "Like" and comment directly in the photo, is also integrated in the web version of the service. However, the user can not directly through Instagram.com upload photos, which means that photo sharing is still only through mobile devices.

    Heath Lindstrom said: "on the website, Instagram's functions and phone is very similar and you can browse the latest photos of the object of interest, you can see people released new photos update."
    Instagram has introduced a basic web service, but can only display the user's personal page, this release Instagram.com website on this basis, greatly enhance the service function of the Web version. However, compared with the mobile application, Instagram.com did not provide new functionality. Heath Lindstrom Instagram had focused on helping users to take pictures while on the go, you want to help the user through a variety of different devices, to view the photo in any case, including desktop and tablet PCs.
    Instagram.com very friendly website for Tablet PC users. IPad and Android Tablet PC users same Instagram.com website is very easy to use. 

Money, interests and friendship: the Instagram acquisition of the case behind

 We all know, Instagram is a first run on the iOS platform mobile applications, you ready to capture the images sharing a fast, wonderful and interesting way, the Android version of Instagram on April 3, 2012Log in Android application store Google Play. April 10, 2012, Facebook announced a $ 1 billion acquisition of Instagram. October 25, 2012, Facebook worth $ 715 million acquisition of Instagram.   

    Original, Instagram's CEO Kevin Heath Lindstrom (Kevin Systrom) gave Twitter founder Jack Dorsey (Jack Dorsey) broken heart.
    Not long ago, "Vanity Fair" (Vanity Fair) posted on the ins and outs of the the Instagram acquisition of case. This story, the most attractive period of a year ago the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram polygonal Love "story, we see Heath Lindstrom flourishes, Zuckerberg smile, but never caught a glimpse Jack Dorsey sad and lonely.
    Jiekeduoxi last updated Instagram 56 weeks ago, shortly after, this image social applications of the high price of $ 1 billion to sell a Facebook.
    Dorsey early on Instagram very commendable success in the mobile space, in March 2011, after he returned to Twitter Board Contact Heath Lindstrom, hope that the two companies entered into a collaboration. Later, a gathering of entrepreneurs, Dorsey saw Heath Lindstrom himself. They talked for a whole evening campfire, the future integration of the two companies.
    For Heath Lindstrom was in front of him with three forks in the road to Heath Lindstrom: the U.S. Sequoia Capital's investment Luo Laofu Botha (Roelof Botha) to provide a $ 50 million financing agreement, Instagram valuation of $ 500 million; the represent Jiekeduoxi Twitter gives a $ 500 million acquisition agreement; Zuckerberg earlier repeatedly invited Heath Lindstrom together Dinner and candidly reveal the plans of the acquired companies.
    Heath Lindstrom the bent Instgram operate independently, so a telephone call to Twitter CEO Costello rejected an acquisition agreement, and frankly accept the Sequoia investment. The same time, he also gave Zuckerberg playing the phone, telling him Instagram final decision.
    Zuckerberg does not refuse to as the "final answer", he gave Heath Lindstrom texting the next day to meet with. "I want you to know we are very serious." Very seriously indeed, Zuckerberg Heath Lindstrom about to dwell on the details of the acquisition of own his home, and the last out in a variety of media see on the "high price" - 300 million U.S. dollars in cash and 700 million worth of Facebook stock.
    Heath Lindstrom is such a high purchase price (cash) shook the money that changed when he wants to "Instagram to remain independent of mind (read when I only feel, that is, and the title of the story of "Vanity Fair" - "Money Shot").
  ----- I do not know why I changed my mind, but he gave me a set of action plans, the valuation is higher than the Sequoia doubled.
    Zuckerberg to trapping Heath Lindstrom heart, even in Facebook's commitment Instagram will remain an independent operation does not become a victim of Facebook integration strategy. Time, from Heath Lindstrom refused Twitter just over 4 days.
    Jack Dorsey still see this message in the April 9 news which, than Costello calm, Dorsey but think this news is difficult to accept, he thought he and the young entrepreneurs Friends relations.
 ----- Morning back to the office staff told me that I was to the Internet to see the news of the acquisition. As an investor, I was in the afternoon received the relevant notification. My heart would break, because Kevin never told me this was going on. Us by e-mail, we met in the party, but since then we have not talked to the.
    For Dorsey speaking, sad not only lost opportunities for the acquisition of Instagram, to but informed themselves or from Kevin Hayes Lindstrom friends.
    The story behind is clear to everyone.Soon after, Instagram on Twitter Card is no longer supported; Twitter shield Instagram pictures, but also developed its own "filter" function ......


Finally! A discovery engine for Instagram that can search by date and location

Instagram isn’t just an app for sharing candid photos anymore, and it’s realized its power as a source for breaking news. Professional reporters and citizen journalists alike have used Instagram to cover events like the Boston Marathon bombings and the Sandy Hurricane, as well as the Super Bowl and the presidential election. While we’ve been increasingly using it for these purposes, Instagram has yet to introduced a feature for specific search beyond its mobile-only hashtag and user discovery tab. There are third party Web tools to help find photos by hashtag or user as well, but nothing that complements its use as a news source. 
Fortunately, ProPublica’s news app developer Al Shaw did the hard work for us. He realized Instagram’s API has something called “Media Search” that supports searches for the time and distance of where an Instagram photo was taken. He ended up hacking together an open source app called Sinatra, which uses addresses and end-to-end time to search through Instagram photos.
Shaw makes note of the app’s inadequacies, saying there are limitations to what you can do with the Instagram API. “There’s no way to search for text or hashtags (tags have their own endpoint which doesn’t allow geolocation), there’s no pagination of results, and results only go back a few months,” he explains.
The tool is mainly targeting journalists, so ProPublica has been using the app internally for now. Shaw points out several instances where Sinatra has been used to discover “breaking” news: Using Sinatra, ProPublica writer Justin Elliot discovered the questionable “recreational activities” of House Financial Services Committee chairman Rep. Jeb Hensarling fraternizing with bankers at a ski getaway in Park City, Utah.
Other noteworthy discoveries include photos of the Boston Marathon finish line eight minutes before the bomb exploded, and Newt Gingrich who was attending the White House Correspondent’s Dinner posing in Washington D.C.